Our programs push students past what they thought was possible.

Special Education Tutoring

Sometimes some children need a little extra help due to a learning disability or other learning exceptionality. With our personalized tutoring services you can ensure that your child gets all of the attention and assistance they need in order to achieve their dreams, no matter what they are. No longer should you worry that your child needs special assistance that can’t be acquired.

We assist students with:

  • Encouraging confidence in their abilities
  • Homework help
  • Developing learning techniques
  • Attention and concentration

We know and believe that building a strong relationship is key to successful mentorship and academic success. Our programs successfully help students become more successful not only in the classroom but also, and more importantly, in their confidence of their own abilities.

We understand that parents and students are often discouraged by how schools tend to group students with varying needs and that is why we always take the one-on-one approach as we know it is much more effective, and allows us to create a more comfortable atmosphere for the student.

Our methods of continuous positive reinforcement and personalized instruction while showing patience and empathy is an approach that we have used and found exceptionally effective.

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