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Students lose up to 2-3 months of learning over the summer months.

September Success Education Programs

Every year students find themselves heading back into a new school year but forgetting all of the information they have learned in the last school year. Summer is when all of the students think they shouldn’t have to learn anything and when school starts they find they are struggling and out of practice from the basics! Our September Success Education Programs are here to ensure a seamless transition from summer to back to school and ensure your child doesn’t fall behind in September.

We’ve helped students with:

  • Math foundations and skills
  • French comprehension, speaking and writing
  • High school preparation
  • Reading comprehension, essay writing and grammar skills.
  • Poor June report card results
  • Summer learning loss
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Don’t let September be a month your child dreads to come because it means “going back to school”, let it be a month where they can enter confidently knowing that they will continue to succeed in their studies and have nothing to worry about. Most of the time a child finds themselves not enjoying a class it’s based off the fact they don’t fully understand it and as a result don’t excel in it like they potentially could. We understand that as these classes are an uphill battle for your child and we will be there to help them overcome this uphill battle in order to succeed in the coming months after September so that no anxieties are present when learning new material in the classroom. We look to not only encourage children to learn new skills but also to refine all existing skills as well to create the best possible learning experience for your child.

Whether it’s helping your child catch up on learning old concepts they struggle with or it’s helping your child excel further to try and get ahead of their learning our qualified tutors are ready and waiting to assist in any needs they may have. We make September learning a place where your child can feel comfortable making a mistake knowing that we will be there to help them learn why they made that mistake and future ways to avoid these mistakes. Mistakes help a child learn what they may need to improve on in the future, however we like to also focus on the child’s successes as well. We help encourage your child by showing them what they’re doing right, positive feedback is one of the most important ways to prevent them from being discouraged and wanting to give up. Your child’s confidence will soar with our available programs, we assist in ensuring your child not only meets their goals, but exceeds them. Don’t let your child suffer from these obstacles as they phase back into school after the summer, let us help them overcome the dread of school with our September Success Education Programs. We make a guarantee that by October your child will have an entirely new outlook on school.

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