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French Tutoring

When students begin learning a new language they may find they are having a lot of struggles, especially if they are brand new to the language. We offer our tutoring services to help for this exact reason. We’ve helped hundreds of students learn French and our French programs are extremely helpful to students who are just learning the language or even to someone who’s looking to perfect their grammar and would like to further improve. Learning French is a skill that cannot easily be taught to yourself which is why it’s helpful to have one of our certified tutors to help you out.

We’ve helped our French students with:

  • Core French
  • Extended
  • French Immersion
  • French school board
  • Professional French courses and tests

Whether your child is studying within a core or immersion stream, our program will help refine skills and build brand new ones essential to their success. We will help your child increase their vocabulary and improve their grammar and you’ll immediately see your child’s confidence in speaking a second language skyrocket!

Don’t let your child struggle with learning a second language, let us help them reach their potential in speaking French like you never believed was possible! C’est magnifique!

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