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Why Infinity Tutors?

Assessment of Needs

We delve deeply into your child’s weaknesses in school.  Our process makes sure we understand each student before the tutor comes to your home, ensuring a strategic, targeted educational approach.

Unique Education Plan

From the areas of weakness found in the assessment, we build a unique curriculum and teaching approach designed to build academic foundations, strengthen understanding, and promote confidence.

Personality Match

We make a great effort to ensure that your child is matched with the right tutor, not only in terms of academics, but also personality. We believe that a strong child-tutor relationship is an important ingredient for success.

The 1-to-1 Advantage

Allowing your child to have the undivided attention of a tutor allows for concentrated teaching, adaptive lessons and fast results. Sessions focus on what’s most important to your child — not a classroom of other students.
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Our Promise

We want to understand

We Want to Understand

To fully understand your needs we start with a fully comprehensive consultation and assessment. This allows us to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

World Class Tutors

World Class Tutors

All of our tutors are hand-picked subject experts and have substantial training in communication skills, and 1-to-1 teaching methods.

No Contract, No Bulk Hours

No Contract, No Bulk Hours

We truly believe we are the best tutoring service in Brampton, Milton, Guelph and Scarborough. We don’t believe in contracts or bulk hours because we let our service speak for itself.


We care

We care

We are always here to help. We will do have everything we can to help your child. Our success is seeing a child succeed, and that’s why we love what we do. We take pride in going the extra mile for our students every day.


We make our services affordable to everyone because we believe that every child should have the right to a great education.

Grades are just the beginning

Grades Are Just The Beginning

Academic struggle and poor results are usually the symptom of much more. We believe in a strong tutor-student relationship that will help tackle a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. When students regain the belief in themselves and their abilities, they discover a love of learning and they succeed in the classroom.

Founder Jonathan Lee

Infinity Tutors was founded on the idea that tutoring should go beyond academic support. We built a program that targets academic needs, and furthermore seeks to transform anxiety and discouragement into confidence and motivation. Our tutors are also mentors, who work to develop those tools that allow a student to achieve on their own. Infinity Tutors creates an individualized scholastic program for each student, and matches that student with a tutor-mentor who will facilitate learning, address opportunities for improvement, and create a connection that fosters the skills needed to build lifelong, independent learners. Watch “I can’t” turn into “I can do anything!”

—Jonathan Lee

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